lunedì 25 marzo 2013

Australia baby!!!

Now it' official, I will spend my fall semester in Perh, Australia!! A dream is about to come true :)

Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain

My journey started 3 years ago, when I have decided to enter the vast world of business schools. I was born in a small town near Milan, but since I was a child that small world wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more; I wanted to dream, to discover new things, to break away. I tried to get ahead with a swimming career, but the more I reached the more I wanted.  The more my mind opened, the more space to fill in with new experiences there was. That is how I learned the discipline, the determination and the passion for what I am doing. Only with passion the greatest results are possible, and that’s why I think this is the most important quality to achieve. Thanks to the passion I had developed, I opened my way one centimeter at the time and I finally ended up here, in Copenhagen 1430km from home, 143,000,000cm. In 2009 I got into one of the most prestigious Business school in the world, . For the first time in my life my desire of knowledge and my curiosity were shared with other people, the others around me accepted my determination and competitiveness.  I felt home for the first time. Unfortunately that home was still too small. After my exchangein Sweden I decided to continue my studies with a Master program abroad. I wanted something more from life. I took the risk, I step ahead and I left the “ safe harbor”, the” safe havn”, coming here in Kobenhavn.  

I don’t take anything that I had for granted; I know that the opportunities I have been given are a dream came true and I will never stop thanking my parents and everyone who believed in to make this dream possible. Now I have the possibility to take my dream one step ahead, 15,613km from home. On day  I received an e-mail , saying I had been selected among a thousand of students for one of the top southern hemisphere University, in Perth.  At first my mind was full of excitement, joy, and a glimpse of fear, this country is really far away, far from that safe harbor. When I suddenly realized it was Australia what they were talking about every fear was gone. Since my childhood I have always dreamt about that mystic country, I spent hours in the local zoo just to see kangaroos and koalas. At some mysterious level this was an opportunity I have always wanted to have.

Australia’s national culture is mainly found on sports, Australian football in particular. Life, like football it’s all about centimeters, one step in the wrong place and everything you have work for years can be over. However, it wouldn’t worth living, or playing if you didn’t want to take the chance to step ahead again, to walk that 1,561,300,000cm. Therefore I am ready to fight for every centimeters that separates me from my dream, because I know that when I’ll add them up, that will make the difference. Consequently everyone who has made any sacrifice for me, my parents, my boyfriend, myself, finally will be rewarded.

Judith <3

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