giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Grand Canyon and Phoenix

 After our in the Nevada desert we finally arrived in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State. The scenario meda me speechless: it was incredible expecially during the sunset when every stone magically turned red. After a couple of days we went back on the road to reach Pheonix, one of the biggest and definitely warmest city in the USA. During the journey we stopped to se the Montezuma Castle and the city of Flagstaff where we crossed the Road 66.

 When we arrived in Phoenix we were so damn tired but and we didn't expect such a warm temperature. Arizona can be quite warm in summer :) :) despite the heat the city was amazing, and I really think I met the most kind people in the whole planet. We spent the last two days shopping and lying in the swimming pool. Then we were ready for the next , and unfortunately last, destination.

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