domenica 10 marzo 2013

San Diego Roadtrip

Here you are some pictures I took during my roadtrip last summer! The journey began from Milan airpor, where we took a 9 hours flight to New York. Then since the flight wasn't on time (really?? ) we had literally to rush and to take another 6 hours flight to San Diego. When we arrived it was almost midnight local time, we had been travelling for more than 20 hours and we were deadly tired! But it wasn't over, as soon as the luggage were coming on the tape, we discovered ours were lost, and the hotel was overbooked :( what a grat start!! Anyway we decided to forgive and forget the bad service and when we woke up (madly hungry beacause of the jet leg) the city completely cancelled all the trubles that had happened before. We decided to stay there for three days in order to have the chance to see the San Diego Zoo, the biggest in the Usa :) totally worth it! Next destination: L.A.

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